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Scheduling made easy

The Kindato Vaccine Management & Scheduling Solution is a SaaS solution with pre-built workflows for inventory management, scheduling and dose management. The VMS can be rapidly deployed with custom dashboards and reporting. Kindato’s background in legal data management and data privacy ensures the foundation for protecting personal information.

Questionnaire Form Management

Do you need specific information from your patients upon scheduling? With this custom feature you can ask patients required questions.

High Volume Time Slot Management

We offer a time-saving feature that allows you to quickly populate high-volume time slots for vaccine or immunization.

Appointment & Patient Management

Access to schedule vaccine or immunization online. You can track all appointments from your calendar and manage patient profiles with ease.

Decrease No-Shows By Keeping Your Patients in the Loop

Send automated email and SMS text message reminders to decrease appointment no-shows.
  • SaaS-based (AWS) vaccine management and scheduling systems

  • Rapid deployment with pre-built vaccine distribution workflow

  • ​​Customized Dashboards and Reporting

Software Features

Works on Any Device

Kindato's responsive design allows your customers to do business with you the way they prefer, so you never lose prospects even those who are on-the-go.

Email & SMS Reminders

Create custom email and SMS notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows.

Data Analytics

Access all activity and touch points and history across devices and channels in a single view. Use this data to personalize omnichannel communication.

Data is Secure

Fulfill your operation's security and privacy needs with our 100% HIPAA compliant infrastructure

High Volume Slot Management

Time-saving feature that allows you to quickly populate high-volume time slots for vaccine or immunization.

Patient Management

Track all your appointments from your calendar and manage your patient profiles with ease.




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About Kindato & Our Team Members

Kindato Global is a technology & data advisory practice with an entrepreneurial
passion for creating data-driven innovative solutions.

Kindato provides massive transformation to our customers with knowledge and
intelligence through data, technology and people.

Our clients hire us for our capabilities to solve complex challenges with a foundation in
data privacy and technology automation.
Michael Epstein
Michael Epstein
CTO - Founder
Jason Velasco
Jason Velasco
CEO - Founder
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson
CSO - Founder
Maribel Rivera
Maribel Rivera
Chief Marketing Officer
Roy Plattel
Roy Plattel
SVP Sales
Janice Jainullah
Janice Jainullah
SVP Branding & Web Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about.

Yes, recipients access the system from a link in email or a text message and go online to register for the vaccine. 

Yes, the VMS system will send the recipient an encoded link prompting them to go to the calendar and select a location, date and time to schedule an appointment. 

Administrators have the option to select an individual or group of recipients from a master list and send them a text and/or email invitation to schedule their vaccine. 

Yes. After receiving the initial dose of vaccine, the system tracks when the second dose is due to be provided and allows the administrators to invite recipients for the second dose. 

The VMS has the ability to manage and track manufacturers, doses, and location distribution.

VMS can generate standard billing forms and integrate with your patient record system. 

VMS complies with HIPAA and GDPR privacy and security concerns. 

VMS is deployed as a software as a service (SaaS). It is hosted in the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and available worldwide.

In most cases, we can deploy the VMS system in your organization within 10 days. 

Need help with high capacity vaccine scheduling?

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.


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